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Custom foundation service

Searching for the perfect foundation is so stressful these days. There are so many options, but they're either the wrong shade, a finish that you don't like, doesn't last long, or just not exactly what you are looking for. Too often we have to settle for something that we don't love just because that's all that is available.

I have the solution for you! Why not have a foundation created specifically for you? I'm sure you know exactly what you want in a foundation, so now you have the option of having it custom blended for you. Here's how it works:

  • You book a consultation via my website. During the consultation we will talk about what you currently use, and compare it to what you actually want.

  • I'll color match you right there, so you know that you'll have your perfect shade!

  • You can pick every detail, down to the finish, coverage level, additives, and more.

  • I'll mix up your foundation right in front of you. You can even pick the type of packaging you want.

  • The cost of the custom blended foundation is $45. There are no refunds on the foundation, but you have 7 days from the date of purchase to bring it back and make adjustments if needed, i.e shade or finish adjustments

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