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Model Applying Cream

Makeup lessons

Do you struggle with trying to create an everyday makeup look? Are you intimidated by all of the fancy Instagram looks? Are you overwhelmed by the thousands of makeup products and new collections out there. Well why not try to learn on your own?

Learning how to apply makeup is fun and allows you to get creative with different colors and products. It doesn't have to be hard, and you can easily create a simple everyday look with the right products, guidance, and a little practice.

My specialty is helping women create natural, everyday makeup looks in 15 minutes or less. Makeup doesn't have to be overly complicated, and I can walk you through how you can achieve the desired look step by step. *A $25 non refundable deposit is required to book your lesson

What's included in my lesson:

  • A 90 minute session, in person or via Zoom. This session is one one one, so you'll have my undivided attention to ask questions as needed.

  • A review of your current makeup products so we can see what you're working with. We'll also go over sanitation, how to keep your makeup clean, and expiration dates.

  • Education on the tools you need, and products that work for you and your preference.

  • A follow up with detailed list of products that I recommend for you.

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