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Nano Infusion facial

Nano infusion is designed to help treat minor skin issues, such as fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of collagen, and stretch marks. This process infuses active ingredients deep into the skin, to help stimulate collagen production, and to help the body to repair itself.

How does it work:

This treatment is best done in a series of four weekly treatments. During each treatment, I will do a light enzyme treatment, and will infuse the active ingredients into your skin. The peptides that are used during the treatment will be customized to what your skin needs, which is determined during the consultation.

What products do you need:

I use Viktoria DeAnn peptides during this treatment series. These are powerful serums that are effective on their own, but when they are infused by the needling machine, they are much more effective. In order to get the best results, I recommend purchasing the peptides for use at home as well.​

How much does it cost:

The price for a series of 4 treatments is $475, plus whatever serums are needed for your skin concern. The facial also includes the use of an LED light, as well as a specialty mask designed to treat your skin concerns.

You'll also see good results from just one treatment if you choose, which is valued at $125.

The end result will be beautiful, healthy, and clear skin! This treatment can be done any time of year, so click below to schedule your consultation!

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