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Updated: Jan 18

Congratulations on booking your wedding makeup! I know you have lots to do to prepare for your wedding day, and you're busy, busy, busy trying to remember everything that you need to take care of. But when do you have time for yourself? Have you taken time out to pamper yourself, and just breathe and de stress? Lucky for you, I've made that part easy for you with my Bridal Beauty Checklist! This list is your ultimate guide to making sure that you are looking and feeling radiant and picture perfect!

6 months before

Skin care regimen: Having a good makeup artist will cover up your imperfections and make them completely go away, right? WRONG! Great makeup starts with a great foundation, your skin care routine! Get that together now to ensure that you have beautiful, clear skin that will be healthy and look great in pictures. Also, talk to your Esthetician (me) about a treatment plan to help with more serious concerns that you have. Click here to shop my professional skin care products.

Stress relief regimen: I know you're running around like a mad woman trying to get everything in place for your wedding, but do me a favor and take a few hours a week for yourself and just relax. I know it's easier said than done, but trust me you'll feel so much better once you allow your body to rest. You'll be relaxed, more focused, and rested enough to take on all of those planning tasks. Start scheduling massages, facials, and yoga weekly. Your body will thank you.

Fitness and nutrition plan: Getting on a healthy diet and exercise routine now will do wonders for your stress levels, skin, and your overall health. Also, if you want to lose a few pounds before the big day, plan it out for months instead of crash dieting, which could be more harmful for you. Also, drink plenty of water daily.

Hair and makeup trial: Start thinking about your desired hair and makeup for your wedding. I always encourage soft, timeless looks, but if you want to do something more dramatic that you're not used to, schedule your trial now for a few months before your wedding date.

3 months before

Monthly facials: If you haven't already spoken to me about a facial plan, now is the time to do that. Healthy skin is a journey, so start now to ensure beautiful skin on your wedding day. Facials, along with using professional products, is the key.

Hair and makeup trial: You should be having your trial around this point. Your hair and/or makeup artist should create your entire look from start to finish, so you'll know exactly what to expect the day of. if possible, bring your veil and any accessories that you plan on wearing. Remember, those wedding picture will be with you forever, and you're paying for a service, so don't be afraid to speak up and direct her on exactly what you want.

Tanning: Using a tanning bed is terrible for your skin, so please don't go this route. Excessive UV rays can be bad for your skin long term, and can cause premature aging and skin cancer. A safer alternative could be spray tanning, so try it out now if you've never had it done before.

2 weeks before

Waxing: Getting professionally waxed or sugared is a great way to remove unwanted hair to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Best of all, results last up to 6 weeks!

Brows: If you plan on having your brows waxed or tweezed, now is the time to get that done to make sure that your shape is perfect.

1 week before

Spray tan: Get your final spray tan now. Give it a few days, so it will look more natural the day of your wedding.

Manicure/pedicure: Get a long lasting polish to make sure that it looks fresh, and to avoid any chipping.

The Big Day

Congratulations, you made it! Now all you have to do is relax, calm your nerves, and enjoy your day! Keep watching your emails for additional tips and information to get you beauty routine nailed down for your wedding day!

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